Ginger has been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries. Health benefits of ginger and ginger root range from increasing your circulation to soothing indigestion. Ginger tea is invigorating and said to be very effective in preventing colds and flu. Fans of ginger ale use it as a cure for stomach aches, cold and flu, and to fight off any minor sickness. Ginger ale drink has also been widely used by men for its known men’s health benefits, and by women as a very effective relief of menstrual cramps.

Short History of Ginger – Ginger is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia but spread quickly to China and the Indies. Chinese philosopher Confucius celebrated the healing powers of ginger and there are records of ancient Roman and Greek bakers making gingerbread. By the sixteenth century the Spanish conquistadors had spread ginger and ginger root throughout the New World. As late as 1884 Great Britain imported over 5 million pounds of ginger.

Why Is Ginger So Popular? Ginger is a tangy kitchen spice often used in Asian stir-fry dishes, Indian curries, British teas and biscuits, and recently around the Middle East. Regardless of where you live in the World, you’ve no doubt tasted ginger snaps, gingerbread, or ginger ale. Ginger root can be found fresh, dried, powdered, pickled, or candied. It was easily transported across oceans by sailors who used it to spice their meals, their drinks, and to treat their indigestion and sea sickness.

Health Benefits of Ginger – In alphabetical order, ginger contains; B Vitamins, bisabolene, borneol, camphene, choline, cineole, citral, gingerol, inositol, Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA), phellandrene, potassium, sesquiterpene, zingerone, and zingiberene. Ginger has been used throughout history by many ancient cultures to treat nausea, gas and indigestion, morning sickness, vomiting, hot flashes, and menstrual cramps. Specific health benefits include:

  1. Stimulates Digestion – Ginger increases your body’s gastric emptying reducing your risk of heartburn or indigestion. Ginger’s antispasmodic and carminative properties can relieve gas and bloating. [Effect of ginger on gastric motility and symptoms of functional dyspepsia]
  2. Soothes Indigestion and Reduces Nausea – Ginger and Ginger Ale provide relief from nausea associated with motion sickness, morning sickness or chemotherapy. [Effectiveness of Ginger in the Prevention of Nausea]
  3. Lowers Your Blood Pressure – Ginger is a vasodilator and relaxes and expands your blood vessels. This promotes increased circulation in your body, which reduces your systemic blood pressure. [Ginger: It’s Effect On Blood Pressure Among Hypertensive Patients]
  4. Stabilizes Blood Sugar – Ginger has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and A1c. [Effects of Ginger on Fasting Blood Sugar]
  5. Reduces Inflammation – The active ingredients in ginger, primarily gingerol, provide natural anti-inflammatory effects. Ginger has been shown to inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, including interferon and interleukin which directly increase cellular and tissue inflammation. [Anti-Oxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Ginger]

There are many other benefits of Ginger, but whether you use ginger as a home remedy, or you like it for its health benefits or distinctive taste. Come and visit us in Cascada to try our Ginger Ale; a signature drink that’s made fresh, and sweetened with your preference of honey, Splenda, or sugar.

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