It’s no secret that your immediate surroundings will greatly affect your life, mood, and productivity. Working in an office with dull gray walls and slate may end up putting a huge damper on your mood, and making it difficult to come up with new ideas.

Having the right sort of ambiance around you is a key to getting some quality work done and boosting your productivity too. From beautiful colors to soothing tunes, in today’s post we bring to you everything you need to know about selecting the right work place for you.


Lighting has a huge effect on the way people feel. There are three main types:

  • Warm Lighting: Warm lights give off a soft glow which can make you feel calm and comfortable.
  • Neutral Lighting: Used mostly in conference rooms and collaboration areas to boost productivity.
  • Cool Lighting: Perfect for offices due to their quality of making people more energetic and excited!

Based on the task in hand, pick your desired location and lighting. Remember to get plenty of natural sunlight too – widespread studies have reported that soaking in plenty of natural light greatly alleviates stress and improves mood.


The wrong color scheme will make you feel miserable. You will feel distracted, bored, unhappy and a range of other negative emotions when sitting in a space devoid of color. When selecting the right place to work, the first thing you notice will most likely be its color scheme, so pay close attention.

Avoid places that have bland grays and beiges, painfully bright colors like vivid orange, and murky colors like deep grayish purple. A study conducted by the University of Texas concluded that all of these color schemes elicited feelings of sadness and depression in workers (especially omen).

Instead, choose a place that has honey yellow walls which make it look warm and cozy. Maybe a café with plenty of greenery in the corners that has some fantastic coffee to drink too?

Studies show that places with greenery ambiance increase one’s attention span, focus, and help decompress.


Many people turn towards music to help them increase productivity or use the music as a way to elevate their mood. Whether you are working at home, around the office, in a coffee shop, or just doing your routine workout at the gym, research shows that music can help increase your productivity or stamina.

Working from a café is another great way of boosting your mood and getting things done. When you’re sitting in a coffee shop, sipping at your latte and trying to fill in endless rows of excel sheets while the café is playing a relaxing music in the background, before you know it, you’re all done. Listening to the music turned a boring task into an enjoyable one – this is the effect that a setting with good music can have on your life.

White Noise

The sound of a coffee machine hissing in the background, combined with crowd noise, cups and saucers clattering, etc. create the right decibel level of white noise that makes the perfect ambiance for productivity. Not only can these sounds block out every other disturbing sound around you, they can greatly help you concentrate on the task at hand.

White noise comes in many forms like the gentle falling of the rain or ocean waves hitting the rocks. No matter where you are, simply pick the right place for such, or just listen to them on a pair of headphones; the results may surprise you!

Our staff in CASCADA makes every effort to make your experience as enjoyable as it can be. The café creates the perfect ambiance for our visitor. Drop in any time for a cup of hot drink, a cold fresh juice, or snack and get your work done.

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